Uchuu is a Japanese word meaning Universe.

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Uchuu is a 2.1 trillion N-body simulation that uses Planck2015 cosmology. It was produced with the GreeM N-body code at the ATERUI II supercomputer in Japan. More details are given in the Uchuu website.
  • At present only Uchuu DR1 Halo Catalogs are available.
  • Uchuu DR2 Galaxies are coming soon!
Our Uchuu BigData platform allows the users to develop their own analysis codes and run tasks by launching a Jupyter notebook.
The Uchuu-BigData platform uses the BDICESGA infrastructure at CESGA. It provides quick access to ready-to-use Big Data solutions, and enables users to take advantage of modern tools for data processing covering a wide range of use cases that include processing large volumes of information in a parallel, processing high velocity streams of data in real-time or near real-time, or processing heterogeneous data from different sources (structured and unstructured). There is no need to learn how to deploy complex big data services, users can just connect and start using them. BDICESGA provides a scalable infrastructure which capacity can grow with demand adding additional resources. Currently it provides,
  • Storage: 816TB
  • Aggregated I/O throughtput 30GB/s
  • Aggregated RAM: 2432GB
  • 912 vcores
  • 10GbE connectivity between all nodes


  • Javier Cacheiro López - Backend Developer
  • Enrique Fernández Velasco - Web Developer